What Is SYNCH?

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SYNCH (Solidarity among Young Nation for Change) is a group of young enthusiastic
individuals from all over Pakistan, striving to improve the healthcare standards,
indulging in social welfare programs and achieving quality education as ordained by
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “2030 Agenda” in the
the enormous population of Pakistan is what we have targeted to achieve. The organization was founded on December 23rd, 2015 (12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1437H).




We aim at changing lives by inspiring and influencing others, focusing on the youth and inculcating a sense of self-actualization in them. These efforts will not only help them change the course of their lives but also ultimately train them to play a positive role towards the betterment of education and healthcare in Pakistan, and to invest in the society so that tomorrow they would be passionate to do the same.



We focus on three main objectives:

1) Healthcare

2) Envisioned Education

3) Social Welfare




We spread awareness about the precautionary measures against diseases in the community by conducting seminars, workshops, health camps and awareness walks along with the vibrant use of social media platforms. Moreover, we arrange training programs on first aid, mental health and general hygiene to improve the overall health standards of the community.



We focus on two broad areas:

  1. a) Career Counselling: We are struggling to create awareness about different career options including medical and engineering fields available for the local and overseas students. Apart from conducting entry test seminars for training of Intermediate and O/A level students, we also guide them regarding different Government and Private Scholarship programs in Pakistan.
  2. b) Academic Guidance: We are aspiring to guide the newly recruited students of medical colleges through workshops and different social media platforms to prevent them from becoming victims of stress due to strenuous study schedules and workload. We also conduct training workshops on medical research (importance & methodology). We aim at conducting guidance sessions for MBBS students on Post Graduation.

3) SOCIAL WELFARE: We are working for the benefit of our society as a source for keeping humanity alive. It includes plantation drives, water conservation campaigns, self-defense workshops, clothes and ration distribution projects, etc. Similarly, we aim at initiating welfare and support programs for the youth.

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