Project Director: Khadija Mazhar

Project Consultant: Ayesha Ghani

22/03/2019 – 31/03/2019

The Water Campaign (TWC) is an awareness campaign based on water stress in Pakistan and it highlights the importance of water conservation at individual and community level. It was also meant to promote the common as well as uncommon ways to save water and was conducted from 22nd of March till 31st of March’19 in 18+ medical colleges all across Punjab. 




In pre-campaign days, hand made posters and short notices were displayed in or near the hostel, college and public restrooms as well as on water coolers. Posters were designed to create hype for the campaign by Waleed Inayat (Central Head of HR), in accordance with the Water Conservation Week denoting a count down of seven days, beginning at 15/03/19 till 21/03/19.




The campaign aimed at creating awareness among the masses specially the students and the general public. This task was accomplished by using various media and methods including the following:

1. Awareness seminars and sessions were conducted throughout Punjab.

2. Professionals were requested to address the issue personally.

3. The faculty also shared there views on water conservation.

4. Collaboration with WWF Pakistan was done to highlight the campaign.

5. Social media was one of the prominent platforms exploited.

6.Basic awareness was provided to students and to the public via hand made posters and banners highlighting the concern for water conservation.


The side campaign included a number of productive and interesting activities for the students. Several competitions were announced and conducted with utmost enthusiasm by the working units.

The categories included were:


2. Article writing

3. Hand made posters

4. Digital posters

5. Innovative Ideas to Conserve Water

An enormous number of entries were received and were judged in all categories.The results of the competition were compiled and the winners along with the best impact unit were decided. Shields and appreciation certificates will be awarded to the winners and the best impact unit on the upcoming NLS 20’.


The highlight of the social media campaign among other platforms was Twitter activity .Twitter activity was conducted on 22nd march (World Water Day) and we Alhamdulillah reached 5th on trending with over 5500 tweets (3100 tweets and 2500 re-tweets) All this within two hours only! Overall a team of over 90 students participated in the campaign. We managed to hit the trend with a frequency of 480 tweets per minute.

Other platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. were used too. The campaign commenced officially at 12 am on Friday the 22nd March 2019. All the members were involved and as a beginning changed their profile pictures, stories and statuses to the main poster of the campaign. Digital posters were also shared before and during the campaign. The most innovative ideas regarding conservation of water were recorded in video format and they were posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The views, remarks and suggestions of HODs/faculty were also shared on the pages in the form of video.






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