Discussion and training of students and youth at different schools under 3 levels.

  • PRIMARY LEVEL: Personal hygiene, book reading, traffic signals, road safety and good manners training.
  • MATRIC AND SECONDARY LEVEL: Disease prevention, smoking hazards, first aid and self-defense training.

Feedback: The teachers and principals really appreciated the work and asked us to keep doing these sessions as they had left a very positive mark on students. Students learned a lot in a single session and were urged to continue such exercises as it is an important part of learning besides their course studies


“When we started SYNCH, we conducted career counseling sessions for F.Sc students. We did the best we could, for college-level students and yes, there we felt the need to do something for the young in schools who never get guided in the right direction via their teachers or even parents. We targeted the schools of underprivileged areas of Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and conducted a few trial projects to see the needs of the children. First aid training was a need for the kids for this subject was never put into focus by the school admin. We took the first step, taught kids first aid maneuvers for nose bleed, fainting, burns, etc. Like it’s said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, we got collaborations with rescue 1122 for BLS training. We took our volunteers for training by rescue officials so they’re able to train kids better in schools. Furthermore, we expanded the project to include information on the following domains, health, and hygiene, cleanliness, plantation, the significance of water, road safety, hazards of smoking, harmful effects of social media, smart study, etc. Through this project, we guided thousands of kids all over the country and even if one of them is able to apply the training he got, to save an individual or grows up to become a responsible individual of the society, I’d feel that our goal has been accomplished”

Looking at an overview of the project, we are proud to say that we were able to acomplish the following:

  1. A total of 40+ sessions were conducted all across Punjab.
  2. A total of 11 different Medical college students took part in the project.
  3. Over 4000+ students were influenced and educated regarding basic health and first aid techniques.
  4. Collaborations were held with institutes like Rescue 1122.

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