Career Counselling Sessions for Intermediate Students

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To help students at FSC/ A levels with their career planning, the decision making process, implementation of career choice and for career adjustment options if they fail to achieve a particular. 

OUTCOMES: Learning about different fields and choices available to apply in Pakistan and Internationally. Many students learned how to achieve scores for specific field and how to shift to other in case not admitted in one. At Present we have conducted 85 sessions in different urban and rural areas guiding more than 15000 students.


•FG Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi
•Global College, Rawalpindi
•Faran College, Jhang
•Chenab College, Jhang
•Punjab College, Jhang
•Rana Science Academy, Lahore
•Punjab School System, Faisalabad
•Mandi Bahuddin

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